For Crying Out Loud, Just Go Play Basketball

January 26, 2017

Monday night is Guys Night in our house. Momma teaches her fitness class and my boy and I get into some kind of mischief. This week I brought my little man in to help me insulate the dog house.

Tools required: Insulation, utility knife, caulking gun, scissors, measuring tape and a pencil.

Basically things I don’t need my 2-year-old running around the driveway with. The thing is, he loves to help. He gets angry when I don’t let him carry the dog food to the dog bowls because he wants to do it and he’ll let you know with a continuous “ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP” (repeat until I put the dog food container down for him to pick up). I always let him help if he’s capable of the job, even if it means taking thrice the time.

However, cutting insulation and caulking aren’t tasks he’s ready for. The purpose of Monday Guys Night is to hold me accountable to do something with my boy every Monday night, as opposed to distracting him with the TV and doing my own thing. So, I brought him outside as we worked on the dog house. He loved holding the measuring tape in place as I marked the dimensions on the insulation sheet. Did I need him to do that? No, but it brought him joy and gave him a sense of fulfillment to help his dad.

As I cut the various pieces of insulation, I swept the scraps into piles to keep the mess manageable. But like I said, my kid loves to help. When I make my next cut with the knife, I look up to see the insulation scraps everywhere and there’s Ax going to work, broom in hand. I correct him and say something resembling, “I know you think you’re helping, but you’re not.” Then I sweep the scraps back into piles.

A couple cuts later, there’s Ax sweeping away once again.

“Buddy, for crying out loud, just go play basketball!” He stared at me with a confused look as if he wasn’t sure if he was in trouble. You parents know the look, the one that says, “I think I might be in trouble so I’m keeping these tears locked and loaded but I’m not 100% sure so I’ll freeze this face until you make your move.”

Well my move was to give him a hug and tell him I love that he wants to help, but that’s not a task I need him for right now.

Your Father doesn’t need your help in cleaning up messes, but He takes great joy that you want be along His side, whatever the task may be. Focus on spending quality time with God rather than busying yourself with tasks He hasn’t called you to do. Be Mary, not Martha.