Political Preachin Roundup

November 15, 2016

Most people are feeding their political appetite with social media.  Facebook and Twitter have morphed into unbearable, bad-car-wreck-like traps of self-centered propaganda consumption.  You’re opening Facebook knowing you’ll see one of two things:

  1. People with opposing political views posting outlandish comments and articles which you plan to share to show the absurdity of the other side
  2. People on your political side sharing praises and news stories proving once and for all that your side is right

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I don’t point fingers without pointing one at myself, as I’m guilty, too.  In an effort to clear noise from my head this week, I temporarily deleted my Twitter app.  It’s been liberating.

People share and retweet articles from untrustworthy sources because it fits their narrative.  Nevermind if there’s any truth to it.  In an effort to give everyone some reliable sources on biblical truth regarding politics, I’m compiling a list of content on the subject.  There will be video sermons, podcasts and blogs, and I’ll keep adding to the list as I find them.  If you have any content you think would be worthy of posting here, please email it to me at mattamilian@gmail.com

Under God – Life.Church (Video & Audio Sermons)

These sermons by Craig Groeschel focus on four key points of our Pledge of Allegiance:  (1) One Nation (2) Under God (3) Indivisible (4) with Liberty and Justice for All.  Incredible content from one of the best communicators in the world.

Avoiding Election Infection – Andy Stanley (Video Sermon)

The pastor of North Point Community Church hits the nail on the head with this sermon from earlier in the year.  “We might disagree on what’s best for people, but we can all agree that what’s best for people is best.”

Engaging Politics Rightly and Wrongly – Matt Chandler (Audio Discussion)

One of my favorite people to listen to in the Christian world.  Fellow brothers and sisters, hear this, internalize this and believe this.  “If our hope is in Christ and the kingdom of God, then we’ll be able to expect from modern politics what it can deliver and not expect more than it can deliver.”

How Do We Respect Authority We Disagree With? – Relevant Magazine (Blog)

We need to be bold and stand up against evil!  There’s truth to that, but a close look at key biblical figures (Joseph, Daniel and David) shows the God-honoring way to treat people of authority, whether you agree with them or not.

This list will continue to be updated.  If you have an article, podcast or video you feel would be relevant for this post, send it tomattamilian@gmail.com