New Brand, New Website

February 3, 2017

True North has a new look! No, it’s not a new beard or set of camo pants, it is a whole new design for our brand!

You might be wondering, why do a bunch of guys who want to live free need to worry about how we look? Well, it’s simple. In creating a new brand, we are equipped to better support the expansion of True North across Oklahoma¬—and beyond. We now have a brand that visually connects the story of True North to our mission to create environments where men can hear from God. Ultimately, we want it to be clear that we exist to help men find their True North.

“After 6 years of relentlessly telling the True North story, we were gifted with a visual brand that encapsulates what the True North movement is all about—a triangle representing the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), always pointing ‘up’ to orient us to Jesus,” said Board President Brad Montgomery. The new mark is a “caution” sign for men to stop and pay attention to the direction they are heading. As a visual representation of the Trinity, it describes True North’s vision to live a life of freedom, adventure and purpose. “We pray the simplicity and elegance of this visual consistently reminds men that life is a journey, and Jesus is True North,” said Montgomery.

The new brand was launched at the first annual True North Staff Retreat Momentum at the Oakridge Camp in Anadarko on January 27, 2017. This is the location where Basecamp events are held throughout the year. We had 55 volunteer staff attend, as well as 30 men and women from partner ministries.

“The new True North brand and logo are AMAZING!” said Trey L. Dixon, Executive Director. “As True North continues to grow and expand into new cities and states, we needed a brand/logo that would be universally accepted. When we revealed the new brand/logo at Momentum, it was received with overwhelming enthusiasm.”

In addition to newly branded items and apparel, the new True North website will be rolling out new features over the next few months that include:

  • Event signup that will save the ministry thousands of dollars annually
  • An apparel store, where proceeds will go back to the ministry to further outreach
  • A storytelling feature where men will be able to submit their stories through the website (their testimony about True North’s impact on their life, marriage, family and business)

“Since Momentum I have had dozens of people share how they have seen the ‘triangle’ everywhere,” said Dixon, “and it makes them think of True North and being in Christ! That’s a WIN!”