For Crying Out Loud, Just Go Play Basketball

Jan 26, 2017

Monday night is Guys Night in our house. Momma teaches her fitness class and my boy and I get into some kind of mischief. This week I brought my little man in to help me insulate the dog house. Tools required: Insulation, utility knife, caulking gun, scissors, measuring tape and a pencil. Basically things I […]

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A Savior was Born – Into a Horrifying World

Dec 15, 2016

  I’ve heard it said, “Our world is getting so dark and evil.”  I agree there’s evil throughout our world.  There’s a reason the Bible refers to Satan as the ruler of this world.  This is going to be a little different than your typical Christmas post, but I realized this year there’s a part of […]

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A Savior was Born – As a Human

Nov 27, 2016

“We’re human.” “He’s human.” “She’s human.” “You’re human.” “I’m human.” Have you ever used any of those to give a little leniency or understanding to your or someone else’s sin?  (I’m nodding yes as I type).  We don’t mean to justify the sin, but to say it’s because we’re human is straight up the antithesis […]

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Bring a Gift to The Rock in December – Be a Father to the Fatherless

Nov 26, 2016

Whether you attend TheRock in OKC, Stillwater or Yukon (or heck, even if you don’t attend TheRock anywhere), we need you to bring an unopened, unwrapped gift to be donated to OK Foster Wishes.  Check out the below video for more info.  And Thank You!

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Political Preachin Roundup

Nov 15, 2016

Most people are feeding their political appetite with social media.  Facebook and Twitter have morphed into unbearable, bad-car-wreck-like traps of self-centered propaganda consumption.  You’re opening Facebook knowing you’ll see one of two things: People with opposing political views posting outlandish comments and articles which you plan to share to show the absurdity of the other […]

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Politics: What’s a Christian to Do?

Nov 08, 2016

Nope.  I am not going to break down the political candidates, give my recommendation or tell you if God prefers us to be Republicans or Democrats or neither (because he doesn’t have a preference).  That’s just not in the scope of what TrueNorth Ministries does.  However, I’ve had some experiences, both positive and negative, over the […]

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We’re a Bunch of Two-Year-Old Boys

Oct 11, 2016

Not everything was going Axle’s way.  Iowa State was up big on the Pokes and he explicitly expressed his emotions in his diaper just so I would take him to the bathroom at Boone Pickens Stadium and his eyes wouldn’t be drawn to that nightmare performance.  In the bathroom, I set him on the ground after […]

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Bill Belichick Reminded Me Why I Love TrueNorth

Sep 26, 2016

Bill Belichick was proving to the world he can put a competitive team on the field regardless of who’s taking snaps.  Superstar Tom Brady started this season on suspension, so they throw out some guy named Jimmy Garropolo, who leads them to 2-0.  He goes down with an injury, so Bill rolls his rookie onto the […]

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Fall Season of TheRock is Coming Soon!

Aug 25, 2016

As summer wraps up, it’s time for many of us to make our Mid-Year Resolutions.  A great way to achieve those resolutions is to start back with activities that build us up, encourage us and connect us with God. TheRock is one of those activities.  Thursday 9/1 kicks off our fall season at TheRock in […]

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